How and When to use Control Templates in Xamarin Forms


In my attempt build clean and more re-usable UI, I’ve been using a ContentView to wrap multiple Controls into a single re-usable control. The problem with this is that you have to manage the BindingContext and all of your custom controls get the f...

IsBusy like a Boss


A while back I ran into a strange scenario where async tasks were causing unexpected results when setting IsBusy. The situation was pretty straight forward, I had multiple Commands running at the same time, setting IsBusy = true when it starts and...

Realtime Validation in Xamarin Forms with FluentValidation


Xamarin Forms doesn’t have anything baked into the framework to handle data validation, but it’s actually possible to do in your cross platform code without any renderers.

Deploying Squirrel.Windows apps with Octopus Deploy


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Passing Switches to Child Functions


Just a quick post to demonstrate how to pass switches to child functions in PowerShell. If you’re using [CmdletBinding()] in your functions, you’ve enabled additional switches and parameters on your function with almost no effort. These switches ...