Goodbye [rake post], Hello PowerShell [post]

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Since I just got all setup with my jekyll on my Github Pages personal blog, I was trying to figure out a quick way to generate new blog entries from the command line. I’m a huge fan of all things Microsoft (don’t shot me), and therefore have made a personal decision to not install ruby on my personal dev machine. So, in the template for jekyll that I found, there’s a nice little rakefile that has made it super simple to create new entries by simply calling rake post title="Hello World"… but alas, I don’t have rake available to me (and nor do I want it).

My solution was to first ask the almighty Google if anyone had already made a powershell module for this… guess what, there is. I based my initial idea off of the aigarsdz/create.ps1 gist, and then modified it a little. I decided to make it a module that I can drop into my $env:USERPROFILE\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules folder. This way it can be called from anywhere, and doesn’t need to be checked into the repository. Doing this also allows me to create an alias for it (read: I’m lazy).

The first thing to do was add it to my “personal” modules. So inside the Modules directory is a folder called Personal, and inside that is a powershell module called personal.psm1. I’ve shortened it for clarity. All it’s doing is dot-invoking the jekyll.ps1 script and exporting the modules (currently only one). From here I’ve modified the script referenced above.

Simply drop this script into your Modules\Personal directory, invoke it from your personal.psm1, and reload your shell. Now you can easily add a new post by entering the following command (with the optional $draft parameter).

> post "name of my post" [-draft]


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